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Reasons Preventative Maintenance is so Vital to Longevity 


Seal coating is a preventative maintenance for your parking lot or other paved areas. Seal coating protects the asphalt from the elements and extends the use of driveways, parking lots, basketball courts, and other paved areas.
Our first step with any asphalt seal coating job is to clean it, which includes sweeping off debris, removing any weeds, and cleaning the entire area. Next, we may recommend an application of crack-filling material to any cracks that are more than a half inch wide.  After that, we will apply two coats of the Sealant to the entire parking lot.


If you have an existing parking or drive area that is in need of striping or re-striping, we can meet with you to help determine the best approach to replace the existing markings or even perform stripe removal and reconfigure the markings if necessary. For commercial and industrial locations, we often accomplish our work on nights, weekends, and off hours to accommodate your employees or customers.
We also can provide layout assistance and application of pavement markings on small roadway projects as well as parking lot striping, and even sport court striping.

If needed, our striping crews are also trained in traffic control to maintain the safest possible work zone for

both technicians and pedestrians.


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Corporate Paving, Sealing &Striping Projects in North Carolina


If you’re looking for a  Seal Coating & Striping Contractor to manage a really complex job, consider this project a testament to our ability to deliver quality results on time and within budget. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, and the success of the outcome speaks for itself.

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